Meet Lyle

07-10-17_11-02-27 PM.png

This is my brother Lyle.

We’ve been close our entire lives. Being twins will do that to you. But our personalities are far from similar. He’s innocent enough, but if you don’t watch the sci-fi channel or know the difference between an x-box and a playstation, than you won’t understand him. Geeky? Yes. But a total sweetheart! Poor guy has terrible luck with women, which is sad because I’ve never seen a man so dead set on loving someone.

I like to think that this move has been good for him. The excitement on his face when we walked into our new apartment made me believe that it has.  Since moving in we’ve tried dipping our toes into the social scene. Afterall, I am a creature who thrives off of social interaction. My brother? Not so much. But at least he’s trying, even if just for my sake.

07-05-17_3-37-42 AM.png

We’ve been going to the karaoke bar the next town over and have actually met some pretty interesting people! We invited them over last night in hopes of getting a “squad” type chemistry but it’s too soon to tell. I’m sure Lyle enjoyed having some ladies in the house LOL. I’m pretty sure he already has his eye on one of them..

07-10-17_11-55-48 PM.png

Or maybe she passed gas…


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