Fly High Lyle

My soul is completely shattered.

07-12-17_1-42-19 PM.png

Today I didn’t only lose my brother.. I lost my bestfriend. I lost my reason to keep going. I lost it all.. If only we had stayed home in that small town. Maybe then he’d still be here. Maybe I’d still hear his videogames from the other room. Maybe he’d still be coming to me for advice about the latest girl that he thinks might be the one.

07-05-17_3-12-23 AM.png

He had a heart of gold.. this world truly didn’t deserve him. But he didn’t deserve death. Not so young with his whole life ahead of him. When Death came knocking at our door.. I pleaded and I pleaded to have him stay. “You can’t take him, not yet. Please, one more chance.” But Deaths cold heart prevailed and he took Lyle anyway.

We moved to the city to make something of ourselves. It’s all we had dreamed of since we were 16 and we finally made it. We were finally on our way.. Part of me thinks I should just move home to my parents. What do I have here anyway? An empty apartment haunted with the memory of his tragic death? But then part of me knows that for his sake, I can’t give up. He wanted this just as badly as I. If I leave now, his death would be in vein.

As for the people he is leaving behind.. Penny, Lilith, Zoe and even Johnny..

07-11-17_5-34-30 PM.png

They didn’t know him long, but I know he has a place in each of their hearts..

Fly high Lyle ❤


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