A Visit From The Dead

Lyle has been gone for a while now and finding my own way has been difficult. The quest for a bestfriend continues. Someone to turn to.. someone to count on. At first, I stayed at home a lot..

07-12-17_2-14-37 PM.png07-12-17_2-16-08 PM.png07-17-17_9-15-52 AM.png07-17-17_9-16-24 AM.png

The thought of living my life like normal just seemed impossible.. I guess you could say I went off the deep end. I started partying and just.. not being myself.

When I lost Lyle.. I lost a part of who I am. I lost that innocent part of myself. The part that meant the most to me. Pain has a way of making people tear themselves apart. I know firsthand because I’m the most self-destructive person I know. When you lose something so important, you lose any will to live. Any desire to be a better person or fight for a better future.

But then something crazy happened… Lyle came BACK.

He’s not human.. far from actually. But I don’t care. When I came across him in the bathroom (weird, I know), I was reminded of that piece of me that went with him. Having him in this form is better than not having him at all. He came back when I hit my lowest of lows.. he spoke to me, he guided me, he scolded me. He knew I had lost my way.. and he put me back on track just like he had always done before.

07-17-17_10-14-56 AM


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