A Chance at Love

Last week, before my dear brother passed, we had gone to the Romance Festival downtown. It was absurd! People were throwing petals everywhere and drinking suspicious glowing liquid. I mean it was really, insanely, strange. They didn’t have things like this in my old town.

Nonetheless, we went. And while we were there, we were able to speak to a “Love Guru”. I knew it would be a bunch of nonsense, I mean no one can actually predict your romantic future, right? So I spoke to the guru and you know what he told me?

You have a long road ahead before you find love.

07-11-17_2-33-20 PM.png

That is what he said. And at first, I was like okay. I get that. I mean, I’m focused on my career anyway. I don’t need love. But then after Lyle died, I was seeking companionship. Not necessarily a relationship, but someone to be around. Someone to talk to. I had a whole list of people I could have gone to.

07-10-17_11-30-59 PM07-10-17_11-40-12 PM07-11-17_5-28-51 PM

Instead, there was Don. And what we had was far from just companionship. It happened suddenly without any real warning. One minute we were acquaintances, and the next, we were.. well.. more than just friends.

07-17-17_11-17-11 AM.png

I didn’t want to be his girlfriend, but for a moment I thought maybe that guru was wrong.. maybe things are just self-aligning in my life. So I gave me and Don a shot. I didn’t know him very well, but who needs to know someone when they have those eyes (ugh, green is my weakness).

After our first night.. the unexpected one.. he asked me out on a date! I was actually pretty excited. I left work in a hurry and met him at the Bluffs. Everything was perfect! We went skinny dipping in the old pool and then snuck off to a bush to have a moment of passion.

I thought things were going well. I thought they were going great! I mean, the date seemed so romantic and perfect.. but then.. when it was over.. he said to never call him again..

I don’t really know what went wrong, but than again, everything happens for a reason. Besides, I’ve had my eye on a hunk in the local Spinmasters club.. But that’s a story for another time.

Till next time,

Ramona ❤



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